Feb 27, 2024
11:00 am PT

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Transform Valuable Foresight into Actionable Insight with a Custom Signals Horizon Scan

What is Horizon Scanning? It starts by listening for Signals that indicate a present change — often one that's not...

IFTF Vantage

IFTF Vantage Partnership

Future-Ready Organizations

IFTF Vantage Foresight Councils

IFTF Vantage Foresight Councils

IFTF Foresight Research for Vantage

Map of the Decade and Selected Research from IFTF

Building Climate Positive Organizations Workshop Facilitators Guide web thumbnail


IFTF Vantage Building Climate Positive Orgs Workshop Facilitators Guide


Owen Laviano

Account Manager, IFTF Vantage

Project: Future Readiness

Six Superpowers


Maureen Kirchner

Communications Director, IFTF Vantage Partnership


Rod Falcon

IFTF Vantage Program Director


Lir Wang

Research Affiliate


Carol Neuschul

Director, Vantage Research Programming

Project: Ethical Tech

Social VR Leading Edge Behaviors

Negotiating trust and what's real in the new world of Social VR


Identify Your Assets and Gaps: A Foresight Tool for Action

IFTF's Toolkit for the Networked World for its attendees to help them systematically think through what assets their own organizations had lying around which were full of unrealized potential...