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Strategic foresight is the cornerstone of IFTF's work.

It's a set of tools, collaborative processes, custom research, and mindsets used to anticipate future possibilities and make better decisions in an ever-changing world. We use strategic foresight to help organizations, communities, and individuals:

Make smarter decisions in an uncertain world

Explore alternative futures

Build long-term resilience to change

Create opportunities for innovation

Enable positive change

Work with IFTF to make your organization future-ready.

We’ve created a portfolio of training programs, events, and partnership programs that provide the tools and techniques necessary to embrace strategic foresight, navigate large-scale change, and lead organizations toward a vibrant future.

We develop custom forecasts, maps, and futures learning experiences, including innovation and design workshops, foresight training, and immersive learning journeys. We also produce future-themed conferences that bring innovators, experts, and learners together. And we continue to develop new methods and tools informed by things yet to come.

Ready to Get Future-Ready?

For more information about how we can help your organization shape its future, please contact:

Cindy Baskin

Help us learn more about you and your interest in foresight.

Key Terms and Definitions for Your Foresight Practice

Institute for the Future provides resources and guides. Explore these important frameworks, definitive key terms, and tools for professional futurists and foresight practitioners.