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Future Readiness

The climate crisis will be perhaps the most critical force of the next several decades — and the decisions we make in the 2020s will be essential to our ability to shape our long-term future. The climate crisis demands that we act with urgency in a time of unprecedented challenge and complexity, and it means we must think in a longer-term timeframe than we usually do.

Released exclusively to IFTF Vantage partners in May 2021, our Ten-Year Forecast 2021 annual Map of the Decade is designed to help organizations identify opportunities for transformation on which they can can act today to become climate-positive. It guides you systematically through the climate crisis and where it fits into your organization’s strategic planning. It will also help you think through what you need to do to build a climate-positive organization for the long term.

The full set of research consists of the following deliverables and experiences for IFTF Vantage partners:

  • An introductory report of this year’s research and the five principles of climate-positive organizations
  • A deep-dive report documenting four opportunities for transformation across technology, economics, culture, and governance.
  • A replicable toolkit and facilitation process for identifying your organization’s future visions for becoming climate-positive, which includes six scenarios of how climate-positive organizations will position and differentiate themselves in the coming decade.

The challenges of the climate crisis are daunting, but well-prepared organizations will find that climate change offers opportunities to become more sustainable, resilient, and profitable than ever before.

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