Area of Concern

Future Readiness

Navigating a world of extreme consequences
by finding pathways to optimism and resilience

In 2019, the IFTF Vantage research team combed the globe, searching for signals of optimistic vision and strategic resilience and distilling them into six superpowers to assist future-thinkers in charting a path forward.

The result? A set of strategies for navigating a world of extreme consequences and for finding long-term vision and opportunity from the uncertainties of the present.

Their research is your reward. First introduced at IFTF's 2019 Ten-Year Forecast Summit, our report Six Superpowers for Urgency and Optimism: Transformational Opportunities in a Decade of Extreme Consequences is now available publicly for the first time. We think you’ll like it.

This report is a deep dive into the six superpowers introduced in our 2019 World Readiness Toolkit:

  1. Reframe the Narrative
  2. Rewrite the Rules
  3. Reinvent Markets
  4. Redirect Force
  5. Reinforce Local Resilience
  6. Reshuffle the Deck

This report explores each of the six individual superpowers in four sections:

  • Overview: an overview of what the superpower is and why it is important
  • Signals: examples of how the superpower is used today
  • Case studies: case studies from IFTF’s global research
  • Using this superpower: examples and guidelines for using the superpower

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