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Our custom forecast and advisory services use an integrated approach:

Custom research that provides actionable insights on the issues and trends that matter most to your organization
Workshops and training to develop futures thinking capacity and mindsets within the organization—leadership, key staff, and extended stakeholders—and connect them to organizational needs, culture, and processes
Processes that establish routines and incentives for continuous engagement in foresight and integrate them into ongoing program activities, strategies, and operations
Tools for building infrastructure and platforms to support and engage many people throughout the organization in foresight
Community development to gain knowledge, engage and promote wider systemic changes

Our approach to future readiness

You'll use our proven combination of custom research and a portfolio of strategic foresight tools, processes, trainings, and frameworks to make sense of an ever-changing external landscape in order to pursue and create opportunities. You'll be ready to face systemic shocks and develop the resiliency to withstand them. You won't be a victim of the future, but rather an active agent in shaping your future.

Our Prepare-Foresight-Insight-Action framework is the cornerstone of our Future Readiness Services and is supported by over 50 years of IFTF research. This framework, which IFTF customizes for its partners, provides a systematic approach to anticipating and analyzing foreseeable patterns that effect change.

Ready to Get Future-Ready?

For more information about how we can help your organization shape its future, please contact:

John Clamme | [email protected] | 650.233.9566