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Now in its fifth decade, the Ten-Year Forecast invites you to:

Adopt a longer view of emerging technologies, trends, and behaviors

Explore inspiring future possibilities for your community and organization

Peek behind the scenes of IFTF's leading-edge foresight practice and global network of practitioners

IFTF's Ten-Year Forecast Showcases the Most Urgent Futures to Consider

Every year we gather our network of foresight practitioners, business leaders, expert researchers, and artists to share in-depth research on the ways a critical theme — from the human biome to societal collapse, from economic innovation to the rise of Gen Z — will frame changes throughout the social, environmental, economic, technological, and political aspects of our world in the years to come.

The results are a set of ten forecasts in the form of a Map of the Decade, released each year, representing the very best of IFTF's research, storytelling, and design. It offers a 30,000-foot view of the future forces that, while they may appear noisy and disruptive today, are poised to shape the operating landscape of the coming decade.

Explore IFTF's Ten-Year Forecasts; learn how to partner with IFTF and participate in upcoming summits and events; and receive exclusive access to brand-new research.

Let us help you chart your future path

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