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An IFTF Vantage Partnership:

Prepares you and your organization to anticipate and navigate urgent futures

Expands your strategic horizon to recognize threats and opportunities before they unfold

Prepares you for a world undergoing constant change and transformation

Future-ready organizations bring foresight and imagination together to see possibilities where none existed before. Rod Falcon, IFTF Vantage Program Director

Navigate the future for your organization with IFTF Vantage

What if you had powerful tools and collaborative processes, a world-class network of future-facing professionals, and a steady stream of strategic and urgent content?

The IFTF Vantage partnership provides strategic insight gathered from across IFTF’s foresight research initiatives. Partners receive guidance and tools to enable you and your organization to identify game-changing threats and opportunities in advance and turn valuable foresight into actionable insight.

The IFTF Vantage partnership includes

  • NEW! Foresight Councils: A network for collective sensemaking
    Foresight Councils are exclusive peer groups focused on deep strategic conversations among future-facing professionals. Foresight councils engage in collective sensemaking by addressing organizational challenges illuminated by urgent futures.
  • NEW! Foresight Essentials: Training to build your foresight capacity
    Two complimentary seats to any of our professional trainings, improving your ability to create impact with strategic foresight. Partners select from our flagship Foresight Essentials training or specialized courses in Design Futures or Scenario Building.
  • Map of the Decade: A set of critical forecasts looking 10 years out
    Our annual Map of the Decade supports your horizon scanning with reports and tools designed to help you anticipate the future, derive strategic insight, and take action now to ready yourself for the decade ahead.
  • Vantage Point: A resource hub for partner organizations
    Tap into IFTF’s foresight research with year-round access to exclusive, frequently-updated forecasts via our partner-only online platform. Build a comprehensive view of future forces directly affecting your organization.
  • Foresight Guide: A dedicated IFTF resource
    Your Foresight Guide brings a futures mindset to help develop your strategic priorities. Throughout the partnership, this valuable adviser helps you navigate and optimize the partnership’s robust offerings.
  • Future Factors: An emerging signals platform
    Access to IFTF’s exclusive collaborative forecasting platform, which brings you a rich trove of real-time signals-scanning to help you sense change and create your own forecasts.
  • Future-Ready Strategies: A series of webinars and tutorials on strategic foresight
    With priority year-round access, IFTF Vantage partners receive access to all of IFTF’s research releases, with opportunities to engage with the experts on those topics in community forums.
  • Ten-Year Forecast: A guided journey through future forces
    Access to IFTF’s Ten-Year Forecast. For decades, IFTF has immersed world-leading participants, futurists, researchers, and experts in a highly engaging experience to understand the coming ten-year horizon.

Transform valuable foresight into actionable insight

The future belongs to organizations that anticipate game-changing threats and counterintuitive opportunities to lead. An investment in IFTF Vantage reflects an alliance that uniquely equips you to translate opportunities and imperatives into actions. When you become an IFTF partner, you're preparing yourself and your organization for the future.

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IFTF Vantage serves the world’s leading organizations.

Partner with IFTF for 2022 and beyond

For more information about becoming an IFTF Vantage partner, please contact:

John Clamme | [email protected] | 650.233.9566