Transform valuable foresight into actionable insight

Whether your organization is taking its first steps on the path to becoming future-ready or is already well on its way, this is the perfect opportunity to increase your strategic foresight capabilities! With IFTF Vantage as your partner, you’ll get all the resources, methods, and training to help your organization face the future and avoid being blindsided by change.

Future-ready organizations are focused on long-term success with enduring visions and missions. They are ready to seize opportunities should they emerge sooner than expected, while being resilient in the face of unexpected shocks. To build future-readiness, organizations need to learn and practice three essential behaviors:

  1. Detect changes on the horizon that may pose threats or opportunities

  2. Respond by uncovering the strategic implications of future change

  3. Adapt to better thrive in the environment of anticipated future change

This is where IFTF Vantage can help. Discover the benefits of IFTF Vantage today! We're excited to show you how organizations and professional foresight practitioners leverage their partnership with us to fulfill their strategic goals, manifest their preferred futures, and combine foresight and imagination to uncover previously unseen opportunities.

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An IFTF Vantage Partnership:

Prepares you and your organization for a world undergoing constant change and transformation

Expands your strategic horizon to recognize threats and opportunities before they unfold

Connects you to a network of foresight professionals building and practicing strategic foresight inside their organizations

Future-ready organizations bring foresight and imagination together to see possibilities where none existed before. Rod Falcon, IFTF Vantage Program Director

Navigate the future for your organization with IFTF Vantage

No single organization or institution can face the future alone. That’s why we’ve cultivated a network of foresight professionals and practitioners like you, who are implementing and practicing strategic foresight within their organizations — turning valuable foresight into actionable insight. With IFTF Vantage, you gain exclusive access to this community hub where IFTF provides strategic foresight and insight gathered from across our research initiatives, plus proven tools that enable you to identify emerging game-changing threats and opportunities.

The IFTF Vantage partnership tools for 2024 include:

  • Future-Readiness Playbook: A series of webinars and tutorials on how to build strategic foresight as an organizational capability.

  • Foresight Coaching: IFTF researchers and foresight practitioners ready to help guide you on your journey toward future-readiness.

  • Foresight Training: Access to strategic foresight training and toolkits to cultivate a futures mindset on your team; including courses on Foresight Essentials, Design Futures, Scenario Building, and the Three Horizons of AI.

  • Foresight Research: Forecasts spanning multiple time horizons focused on the intersection of technology, society, and organizations — designed to support your strategic horizon scanning.

  • Insight Session: In-person annual IFTF Vantage Insight Session, focusing on sensemaking for partner organizations with tools for generating strategic insights.

  • Foresight Councils: Networks for collective sensemaking convened to discuss organizational challenges revealed by urgent futures.

  • Vantage Point: An online community hub offering peer-to-peer interactions among partner organizations and foresight practitioners like you, turning valuable foresight into actionable insight.

  • Future Factors: IFTF’s collaborative forecasting platform and events, providing a stream of technology signals to help you sense change and create your own forecasts.

  • IFTF Events: IFTF Vantage partners also receive invitations to all public events, including Ten-Year Forecast episodes, webinars, and tutorials, with additional opportunities to engage with other foresight practitioners on their journey towards future-readiness.

Transform valuable foresight into actionable insight

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