Courses designed for teams:

Foresight Essentials for Teams

IFTF Custom Foresight Essentials

Are you and your team equipped to navigate—and lead—in the midst of change? IFTF's world-class futures researchers are ready to design and deliver online or in-person learning experiences for every kind of context and organization.

Our trainings are completely customized to your specific challenges, timeframe, content, and needs. From 90-minute to multi-month learning offerings, we teach you the fundamentals: strategic foresight as a practice, a mindset, and a set of practical tools.

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Foresight Awareness Training

Bring foresight into your organization with this fast-paced, highly interactive, 90-120-minute online session designed for 5-75 participants. Learn about what applied strategic foresight looks like in a professional context, build a quick overview of a futures topic that’s important to you, and connect the dots to your present-day work.

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