Interested in bringing the practice of strategic foresight to life and understanding how it can add value to your work and your organization? Let our team of skilled foresight experts deliver an introductory Foresight Awareness workshop to engage a small or large group, give them a taste of futures thinking, and gauge their interest in learning more. In this live, 90- or 120-minute online training, IFTF researchers will prepare signals and drivers of change, reflective questions, and use case examples that are customized to your sector, geography, or organization.

The session covers:

  • What is strategic foresight?

  • How do other organizations use strategic foresight?

  • How do you create impact with strategic foresight?

  • What are some of our current unexplored beliefs and attitudes about the long-term future?

  • What are signals, drivers, and forecasts?

  • How might an important “futures of x” topic change over the next decade?

  • How might we begin to build our own futures mindset?

  • Optional 30-minute module: live signals hunt and coaching for participants to practice finding useful signals of change

After the session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the professional practice of strategic foresight (definition, value, mindset, and use cases);

  • Define how to gather evidence about the future of anything

  • Understand practical, futureback thinking habits that can be immediately connected to their work

  • Imagine a few new futures possibilities for a shared “futures of x” topic