Are you and your team equipped to navigate—and lead—in the midst of change? IFTF's world class futures researchers are ready to design and deliver online or in-person learning experiences for every kind of context, learner, and organization.

Our trainings are completely customized to your specific challenges, timeframe, content, and needs. From 90-minute to multi-month learning offerings, we teach you the fundamentals: strategic foresight as a practice, a mindset, and a set of practical tools.

Trainings include:

  • Thoughtful instructional design that curates our most relevant methodologies and tools and matches them to your learning goals
  • Live-online or in-person instruction from skilled IFTF foresight practitioners
  • Customized IFTF Foresight Essentials toolkits, videos, worksheets, and other materials
  • Facilitated reflection on how to apply foresight to your current work needs, flows, and structures
  • Support to develop your own future-making experiments that lead to actionable insights
  • IFTF Certificate

Learning outcomes can include:

  • A common, future-oriented vocabulary and mindset within your team or organization
  • Understanding of the purpose, value, and uses of strategic foresight
  • Ability to collect and analyze evidence of change from today—signals and drivers of change—and to use it to develop foresight and insight
  • Increased confidence in futures storytelling and communication
  • Growth in cognitive flexibility, strategic thinking, and imagination