Mark your calendar today to join us for our very first in a series of IFTF 2023 Ten-Year Forecast Events called—Changing the Register: Reimagining Enterprise.

For over five decades Institute for the Future (IFTF) has presented an annual Ten-Year Forecast on the urgent futures issues facing society and introducing new tools to support group foresight — and our first event of 2023 will be no different.

On March 1, a diverse group of IFTF experts, researchers, and futurists will immerse you in a view of the decade ahead. Our new, interactive format has been designed to unleash your imagination and uncover future possibilities that could change the register toward building a more equitable and human-centered economy.

IFTF Executive Director, Marina Gorbis will introduce and explore a concept called "changing the register," which describes how reimagining existing vocabularies, norms, and assumptions can reshape our beliefs and behaviors. We'll explore this framework and present new IFTF research findings that can lead to a more vibrant, fair, and humane future landscape for business and enterprise.

The 2023 Ten-Year Forecast promises to immerse you in bold and thought-provoking future scenarios, sparking new insights and reigniting your sense of agency to shape the future. From the existential risks to higher education to the disruptive potential of generative AI, this forecast will challenge and expand your perspective. You won’t want to miss a unique opportunity to engage with IFTF's latest innovation—a social imagination experience using the newest experimental generative AI tools with ChatGPT to create future scenarios that can be personalized to different regions and personal contexts. Together, we will explore the implications of these scenarios, the AI processes used to create them, and uncover potential actions that you can apply in your own work.

In addition, IFTF Executive Director, Marina Gorbis and team will host guests such as Kenneth Bailey, Co-founder of Design Studio for Social Intervention, Jerry Davis, Author/Professor University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and Department of Sociology.

By changing the register of how we think about rapidly evolving systems, reevaluating critical problems and their potential solutions, and developing more adaptive mental models, we can — together — make sense of a world in the throes of unprecedented change.

Our line-up of diverse experts, researchers, and futurists will share new ideas, exercises, tools, and future possibilities that can change the register to promote more equitable and just societies. 

Speakers for Changing the Register: Equitable Enterprise include

Speakers for Reimagining Enterprise include

Ra Criscitiello is deputy director of research at SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West in Oakland, California, a labor union of nearly 100,000 healthcare workers. Ra’s work focuses on the intersection of organized labor and worker cooperatives, and she has built several innovative employment models that collectivize the employment status of unionized healthcare workers at scale. Her work developing unionized platform cooperatives demonstrates the possibility of a future that centers workers and allows flexibility without compromising traditional union values or worker control.

Erik Forman is co-founder of The Drivers Cooperative in New York City, the first driver-owned ride-share platform cooperative in the United States, as well as People’s Choice Communications, the world’s first worker-owned ISP, launched by striking cable technicians. Before turning toward cooperative development as a strategy for system change, Erik was active in the labor movement for over 15 years, leading groundbreaking campaigns to unionize the fast food industry among other initiatives. He is currently completing a PhD in Cultural Anthropology at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Tim Huet is an attorney and cooperative developer. He is a founder of the Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives, an Oakland, California-based enterprise devoted to creating jobs through the replication of successful worker cooperatives.

Vanessa Roanhorse
 is a Dine citizen and an inclusive solutions-driven problem solver committed to liberating all peoples and delivering impactful mechanisms for social, environmental and economic change. She is the founder of Roanhorse Consulting, an New Mexico-based, Indigenous-led think tank. Roanhorse Consulting co-designs wealth and power building efforts that directly invest in leaders, support meaningful data collection informed by indigenous research approaches, and help build thoughtful community-led projects that enforce values and put people at the center.