Kansas is the heartland of America, but it is also becoming a significant hub of community foresight. Jackie Counts, Director of the University of Kansas’ Center for Public Partnerships and Research, has been at the forefront of foresight efforts in the city of Lawrence and across the state. Join us for a discussion of the many foresight initiatives Jackie is leading in Kansas, and how she and her team have built momentum toward the future through a diverse set of projects, from presenting scenarios with 6th grade students and leading a statewide Future Fellows program, to using the Three Horizon Framework to address the drug overdose epidemic in her state. Jackie will describe these projects and offer practical insights into overcoming challenges and obstacles on the way to success. Whether you are in social work, education, or anyone pursuing foresight, we welcome you to join the conversation and come with your questions. 

Speaker bio:
Jacqueline Counts, MSW, PhD., is the Director of the Center for Public Partnerships and Research (CPPR) at the University of Kansas Achievement and Assessment Institute. She received her training at the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Kansas. At CPPR, she leads a multi-disciplinary team of social workers, social scientists, psychologists, sociologists, and other creative staff to come together to create a better world. She has been the principal investigator on numerous early childhood, systems-building, accountability and evaluation projects. As a futurist, she is working to democratize foresight through a variety of methods in Kansas, including a fellows program, an internal “awkward hour” for staff to try out futures techniques, multi-generational scenario experiences, and a civic foresight group. She works to develop practical applications to bridge the urgency of the moment with the promise of tomorrow.

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