IFTF Foresight Awareness for Philanthropy is a 90-minute, introductory-level online learning experience to jumpstart your process of developing strategic, long-term perspectives within your organization.

Many philanthropies are designed to exist in perpetuity. Yet, it can be hard to think long-term because we are always triaging the urgency of the present, balancing responsive strategies with proactive ones, and engaging with Trustees, grantees and other colleagues to move sustainable change forward.

Foresight can strengthen grantmaking and investment strategies, add a critical layer to learning and evaluation, and make your philanthropy more future-ready.

Start your foresight journey by learning the building blocks of strategic foresight with an exploration of our futures topic—how people, plants, animals, communities, policies, and services will change because of climate disruptions in the next decade. All of this, in partnership with IFTF, which has a 55+ year track record of embedding strategic foresight in organizations.

This course is for you…

You have been wanting to learn about strategic foresight and how it can add value to your work as a philanthropic funder or philanthropy-serving organization.

To maintain a distraction-free environment for learners, this event operates with a non-solicitation policy.


Upon completion of the session you will have an introductory understanding of:

  • The professional practice of strategic foresight (definition, value, mindset, use cases in the philanthropic sector);

  • 4 common mental traps that keep us stuck in the present & how foresight can help

  • How to develop an initial perspective on future risks and needs for the next decade of climate disruption

  • The building blocks of futures work: drivers, signals, and forecasts

  • Practical, future-back thinking habits that can be immediately connected to your work


“Foresight practices have been used in government and industry for decades, and just now seem to be making their way into philanthropy — just as the world needs it. As the speed and complexity of our societal problems increase, we need new approaches that allow us to work together to make sense of them.”

—Andy Stoll, Senior Program Officer, Kauffman Foundation
Alum of IFTF Foresight Essentials for Philanthropy