Join us on Wednesday, March 29 at 9am Pacific Time when Alija Blackwell, winner of the 2022 Next Generation Foresight Practitioner Award, discusses the development and public launch of their toolkit for just transition strategies, targeted at frontline communities, policy officials, and business leaders. Having lived through several hurricanes in Florida and Puerto Rico, Alija Blackwell’s identity has been as much shaped by climate migration and displacement as the world’s coastlines and ice sheets have been shaped by the extreme weather caused by the climate crisis.

Learn how Alija developed four alternative futures scenarios for 2050, gathered case studies to provide best practices, and crafted guiding prompts to help implement strategies that facilitate a participatory process toward more climate positive futures. Alija will also share their forthcoming online platform of personas and artifacts developed by frontline communities that help envision the future communities hope to build. Join this important conversation and see how you can get involved!