1. Is your organization building futures thinking as a new strategic capability?
  2. Does your organization want to understand the ten-year horizon of change?
  3. Does your organization want to anticipate innovations before they unfold?

If you answered yes to all three questions, IFTF Vantage's Future-Ready Network will help you get there!

Join us on June 6 for a conversation with Rebecka Sexton, Senior Design Strategist at Health Care Services Corporation (HCSC), to hear how IFTF Vantage has changed the way her team anticipates innovations and understands changes coming on the 10-year horizon.

Come learn how IFTF Vantage can help your organization navigate the future. As a Vantage partner you will have access to 55 years of IFTF research, expert thinking, and powerful tools, such as IFTF Future Factors emerging signals platform, and Vantage's Future-Ready Network of professionals like you, including NEW benefits recently added to the platform!