For members of the IFTF Vantage Food Futures Council only. 

Explore the rapidly-changing landscape of food tech, distribution, and consumption and develop thinking about the future of the food system.

Led by IFTF Food Futures Lab director Quinault Childs, we’ll unpack new research, join collaborative convenings of like-minded food futures practitioners, and even participate in experiential edible futures. We invite you to join the council to gain insight into what the growing food innovation scene might mean for your organization-and to connect with others facing similar questions.

Expect to leave this council session with a richer, more nuanced understanding of how today’s signals of change might evolve into tomorrow’s food systems, products, and stakeholders, as well as perspectives from other futurists around the world.

To register

If you are an IFTF Vantage partner and would like to register, please contact Owen Laviano. Please contact Sean Ness if you would like to become an IFTF Vantage partner.

2023 Food Futures Council Sessions

  • Q2: MAY 16 | 9-11 AM PDT
  • Q3: DATE TBD
  • Q4: DATE TBD

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Explore and develop thinking about the future of the food system