Foresight Councils are exclusively for IFTF Vantage partners. For more information about joining, please contact John Clamme (650.233.9566) or Sean Ness (650.233.9517).

Applied Foresight Council

Strengthen your organization's foresight practice by workshopping challenges, successes, and practical do's and don'ts.

Organizational foresight can be applied in so many different ways, from leadership development and strategic planning to innovation, design, and more. Whether you're just getting started or years into your practice, you don't need to be on the journey alone. Join us to share your challenges, successes, and practical do's and don'ts with a group of peers on parallel voyages in their own organizations.

In our digital sessions, we'll explore topics like how to engage diverse stakeholders, how to communicate the benefits of foresight, how to develop strategic value from foresight, and more. The Applied Foresight Council experience will be guided by participant needs, providing you a space to learn from others and tackle practical issues as you expand the impact of futures in your organization.

Join the Applied Foresight Council to …

  • Widen your sense of what's possible through futures work, with new ideas, frameworks, and approaches

  • Level up your current foresight initiatives, with feedback and insight from peers

  • Build your futures community, with conversation and collective sensemaking

Food Futures Council

Explore and develop thinking about the future of the food system

The Food Futures Council explores the rapidly changing landscape of food tech, distribution, and consumption through new research releases, collaborative convenings of like-minded food futures practitioners, and even experiential edible futures. We invite you to join the council to gain insight into what the growing food innovation scene might mean for your organization-and to connect with others dealing with similar questions. How can we distinguish between underlying drivers of change that will shape the next era of food, and mere trends? How might forces outside of the food space shape the eater of the future in unexpected ways? What does the rise of synthetic foods really mean for product development and food culture? We hope you'll come with us on a journey to make sense of the coming decade of our food system.

Join the Food Futures Council to …

  • Make sense of the rapidly changing food innovation scene by sorting out long-term shifts from short-term trends and hype.

  • Understand the roles your organization could play in a future food system that operates differently from today.

Emerging Tech Council

Strategic conversations and prototyping workshops around the rapidly evolving technologies catalyzing the next generation of social-spatial computing.

Bringing together a wide range of perspectives from industry experts, media professionals, and organizational leaders, this council will help you cut through the near-term noise and hype to evaluate and envision both the medium and long-term potential of emerging technologies-including AI diffusion networks, augmented reality, and Web3.

What should your organization be doing today to prepare for new paradigms of collaboration, simulation, and digital identity that will shape the future of work, play, and life? How will these technologies impact your industry, and what are the risks and opportunities you need to be aware of? This council will help you answer these questions and more.

Join the Emerging Tech Council to …

  • Explore the latest research and development in emerging technologies
  • Understand the business implications of these technologies
  • Connect with industry leaders and experts
  • Prototype new ideas and applications
  • Stay ahead of the curve on the latest trends

Office Shock Council

Curated conversations to build better futures for offices and officing.

Are you interested in thinking future-back about the opportunities and threats from the recent rise in distributed working, what we call Office Shock?

The COVID-19 office closures were just the beginning of ongoing waves of disruption for offices (the buildings), officing (the ways we work). The blended realities of the emerging officeverse are quickly becoming the new normal for where, when, and why we work - the why includes more purpose, more prosperity, more sustainability, more augmentation, more belonging, and more agility. This is no time to lock yourself into any fixed strategy for offices and officing. The strategic opportunities are historic.

In our council sessions, we'll preview IFTF's 2023 book Office Shock: Creating Better Futures for Working and Living and explore how to lead toward better futures for offices and officing. We'll share and discuss the seven spectrums of choice every knowledge worker should consider to choose what to do now in a world of distributed work.

Join the Office Shock Council to …

  • Stimulate thinking futureback about the opportunities and threats from the recent rise in distributed working, what we call Office Shock

  • Share and discuss your insights and ideas with other leaders who are also trying to create better futures for offices and officing

  • Prototype new approaches to leading in a world of distributed work