What is Horizon Scanning? It starts by listening for Signals that indicate a present change — often one that's not evenly distributed. 

The listener then aggregates these signals into future possibilities, scoring them to assess their pace of change into emerging, sustaining, peaking, or declining trends. With that perspective, they can identify actions needed over the short- and medium-term to seize an opportunity or avoid a disruption.

To learn more about IFTF's Signals Horizon Scanning, join Rod Falcon, Director of IFTF Advisory Services, at our next webinar on February 27 — IFTF: Custom Signals Horizon Scans. Rod will share IFTF's approach to Signals Horizon Scans, his learnings about how successful Future-Ready Organizations use Signals Horizon Scans, and showcase IFTF's practical, collaborative forecasting platform Future Factors.