Register and join us May 13 for our first 2024-2034 Map of the Decade event, a 2-hour interactive online Foresight Council in which we’ll share early findings from our research.

Generative artificial intelligence holds the potential to become the most impactful new technological driver we’ve seen since the rise of the Internet. But even as early experiments in boardrooms and classrooms across the world struggle with the astonishing-but-unpredictable outputs of large language models like ChatGPT, it is already clear that today’s generative AI models are on the precipice of an entirely new paradigm of human-technology interactions in the next few years: the Era of Relational Computing.

As we move from momentary conversational transactions with generic chatbots to building long-term relationships with the personalized agents, coaches, and co-pilots, how will we navigate the complicated layers of trust, accountability, and emotion that will be introduced into our personal, professional and civic communities?