IFTF's Governance Futures Lab (GFL) was formed over a decade ago to inspire and cultivate a generation of social inventors to reinvent governance. In 2013, the inaugural event of GFL was held in Palo Alto and in nine satellite locations around the world. This event, the ReConstitutional Convention (ReConCon), brought together constitutional law scholars, artists, designers, activists, explorers, political scientists, space scientists, civil servants, and others to envision how we might "reconstitute" ourselves for the 21st century.

Now, ten years later, the forecasts of systems breakdown that drove the urgency of the ReConCon are present. New pathways forward are still, now needed more than ever. IFTF GGFL Director Jake Dunagan hosts a conversation on Thursday, October 12 at 10am Pacific Time for this special session where participants in the 2013 ReConCon will reflect back on that experience, how it influenced them in the decade since, and what is needed now to help people pull together to meet the profound challenges facing humanity.