When logic only gets us so far, art provides a creative free zone to explore and begin a mindset transition to future solutions. Join us on Tuesday, April 18 at 9am PDT / 5pm CET when Raphaële Bidault-Waddington, founder ofLIID Future Lab, an arts-based futures research platform, talks to IFTF Chief Operating OfficerRachel Hatch about her artistic research and learning journey, which led her to become a passionate futurist bridging the disciplines of art and foresight. She’ll share some concrete collaborations (including with IFTF in 2012), to show how she and LIID design foresight projects for companies, universities, cities and cultural places, while employing creative and transdisciplinary methodologies. If relevant, and depending on their purpose, community, contexts, and expected impacts, these projects eventually include artistic formats and content. Raphaële will discuss her multi-award-winning initiative, conducted 2012-2017, on the future Greater Paris Metropolis with Paris Pantheon Sorbonne University and a pool of partnering schools. Since 2017, LIID’s latest R&D lab addresses the current Anthropocene, AI, and post-humanist paradigm shift, which deeply shakes western anthropological and epistemological foundations, and explores new research strategies to co-create meaningful futures.