The decisions we make to address the climate crisis now are critical to our long-term futures. Organizations of all kinds must act urgently *and* proactively across much longer time horizons in order to build climate-positive organizations. Ignoring the climate crisis is no longer an option. Even if we could flip a switch and stop all carbon emissions *right now* we would still have decades of worsening climate conditions ahead.

A suite of new climate strategy offerings, IFTF Climate+ extracts the riches from our climate-positive forecasts to help your organization identify opportunities for reducing its carbon footprint. Choose from a single workshop or a combination! Offerings include:
  • Roadmap for Organizational Transformation (half-day workshop)
    Provide your team with what you need to create a structured framework to define a shared perspective on being climate-positive, whether you are just starting out or already have climate plans in place.
  • Ecosystem Opportunities Development (one-, two-, or three-day workshop)
    Get a clear view of the current state of climate-positive organizations, as well as the future ecosystem for your specific industry or region. This workshop goes beyond your organization's climate-readiness, and looks to provide opportunities to collaborate and lead within your industry or region.
  • Climate-Positive Organizational Transition Plan (one-year engagement)
    Help your organization become future-ready for the emerging climate crisis with this structured approach. Together we’ll identify the steps required to achieve your climate-positive goals. Your plan can help you discover new opportunities, create new products and services, and conceive new forms of work.

Find out how your organization can create a climate-positive strategy.

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