Institute for the Future is excited to announce that Art Taylor, President and CEO of the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, has joined our board of directors. Art is a highly respected leader in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, with decades of experience promoting accountability, transparency, and strong governance. Under his leadership, the BBB Wise Giving Alliance has significantly expanded its charity evaluation reports and introduced critical programs like the Accredited Charity Seal to help donors make informed giving decisions.

H. Art Taylor

Beyond his impressive track record, Art is a certified IFTF Foresight Alum who is passionate about bringing futures thinking to the civic sector. Since discovering IFTF years ago, Art has collaborated with us extensively, using foresight tools to shape strategy at his own organization and others. As he put it, that first IFTF training was "three days that changed my life" by providing methods to understand trends and prepare for change.

Art's vision strongly aligns with IFTF's mission to spread futures literacy. He wants to see every social impact organization integrate foresight into their work, so they, too, can feel awe and wonder about shaping the future rather than being victims of change. He is excited to share his insights and make make futures tools accessible to more nonprofits and funders.

As Art reminds us, the core question for social sector leaders shouldn't be "What have you done?" but "What's your vision for the next 10 years, and how can we help?" We aim to work with Art to provide methods for civic organizations to realize that vision and build the capacity to drive urgent, positive change.

We're honored and enthusiastic to have Art Taylor lend us his expertise. Stay tuned as we partner with him to bring more futures thinking to the social impact space.