Upskill your foresight with Scenario Building

In times of high uncertainty, one essential foresight method stands out — Alternative Futures Scenarios. Scenarios allow us to pre-experience not one, but multiple futures, so we can better anticipate opportunities, risks, and coming changes. Dive deep into the alternative futures scenario method with  senior IFTF researchers and learn how to build more surprising, actionable, plausible, and inspiring scenarios.

Initially authored by world-renowned futurist Jim Dator, this time-tested framework helps sort through the chaos and complexity of world-changing moments like the Covid-19 pandemic. It provides us with the tools to organize overwhelming events, signals, and memes into four clear paths to the future—and to convert those paths to strategic action.

Learn the method and get ready to apply it

IFTF Scenario Building teaches you our unique approach—part analysis, part art—to the Alternative Futures scenario method. You'll learn the building blocks of scenario-based storytelling: defining your stakeholders, their core values and dilemmas, and using quantitative and qualitative data to design plausible, provocative paths to multiple futures.

Working with a small team of learners from around the world, you'll dive deep into one of the four Alternative Futures scenario archetypes: growth, constraint, collapse, and transformation. You'll explore how to create insights from scenarios and how to design a scenario communications strategy. With IFTF coaching, you'll untangle the ups and downs and creative challenges of professional scenario planning.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Improve your foresight practice with scenario methods
  • Prepare to lead a scenario process
  • Tune your creative thinking and imagination about possible futures
  • Build your scenario-building confidence

The course includes:

  • Immersive, content-rich, live-online instruction in alternative futures scenario-building methodologies and processes facilitated by senior IFTF research staff

  • A proprietary IFTF Scenario Building Toolkit built on 50+ years of proven futures research and methodologies

  • IFTF Post-Pandemic Scenario Map and Scenario presentations

  • Complete set of presenter slides, including key takeaways

  • Certificate of Completion in alternative scenarios demonstrating your accomplishment, to share with potential employers or clients

  • Networking opportunities with an inspiring global group of learners

  • Membership in the global IFTF Foresight Essentials alumni community, with exclusive meet-ups

Who should attend

IFTF Scenario Building is ideal for professionals seeking to expand or complement their foresight, innovation, planning, or design practice with the alternative future scenario methodology.

This course is recommended for those who already have some basic familiarity with foresight or futures thinking.

For those looking for an introduction to futures thinking or a general foresight methods class, consider enrolling in IFTF Foresight Essentials.


Get comfortable with Miro, the collaborative online platform that we'll be using extensively in the Scenario Building. training This optional orientation is recommended for participants new to Miro.

SESSION 1 | Orient to Alternative Futures
Learn the foundational framework, compare scenario examples and use cases, meet your new colleagues, and brainstorm initial ideas about our scenario domain.

SESSION 2 | Define Parameters
Begin the scenario definition process by identifying key stakeholders and infrastructure, delving into stakeholder mindsets, and working with the mythic questions at the heart of each scenario archetype.

SESSION 3 | Build a Research Grid
Refine your scenario with signals and drivers of change, then make choices about key values, dilemmas, and catalysts that set your scenario in motion.

SESSION 4 | Bring your Scenarios to Life
Balance and adjust across all four scenarios, build your narrative along three unfolding horizons of change, then finalize your vision in a scenario board.

SESSION 5 | Insight to Action
Turn your scenario board into a short narrative, learn how to facilitate insight sessions with completed scenarios, and plan your own scenario-building future.

Training Dates

Orientation: Mon, Oct 14 | 9-9:30am PDT | 12-12:30pm EDT | 6-6:30pm CEST
Session 1: Tue Oct 15| 9am-12pm PDT | 12-3pm EDT | 6-9pm CEST
Session 2: Fri Oct 18 | 9am-12pm PDT | 12-3pm EDT | 6-9pm CEST
Session 3: Tue Oct 22 | 9am-12pm PDT | 12-3pm EDT | 6-9pm CEST
Session 4: Fri Oct 25 |9am-12pm PDT | 12-3pm EDT | 6-9pm CEST
Session 5: Tue Oct 29 |9am-12pm PDT | 12-3pm EDT | 6-9pm CEST

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  • $3,000 Nonprofit/education/government*
  • $3,000 IFTF Vantage partners*
  • $3,000 IFTF Foresight Essentials alumni*

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Space is limited. Early registration is recommended.

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Participants can expect to spend 15 hours of live instruction over five structured sessions (including breaks). There will also be 1-2 hours of independent assignments between each session, which include videos, exercises, and buddy work.

This video conferencing platform will be our primary virtual tool to hold all our live-online training sessions and optional social gatherings. Please ensure you have a stable internet connection to join us by video.

This online workspace is where we'll capture the entire visual narrative of our learning and where you'll collaborate with colleagues and work independently on futures exercises. We strongly recommend you prepare access to a laptop or desktop computer and familiarize yourself with Miro before the training begins.

Google Drive
For in-person trainings, digital course files (PDFs, videos) will be shared with you through Google Drive.

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