Join us Tuesday, September 12, 2023 8:00-11:00am PT, as we interrogate a wide range of urgent perspectives on the future of AI and its cascading long-term impacts on organizations, jobs, and supercharged individual capabilities. Get the first peek at IFTF’s ten-year forecasts on where AI could empower new future possibilities, and where looming challenges will require creative new solutions.

What are the future scenarios worth fighting for as AI matures and converges with existing capabilities, roles, and institutions over the next decade? Which future will you help shape?

We’ll examine how individuals and leaders can pre-respond to the generative AI revolution by providing an exclusive first peek at IFTF’s ten-year technology forecasts outlining AI's potential long-term impacts on human abilities, jobs and organizations. Additionally, there will be an interactive and not-to-be-missed AI “digital twin” simulation, with IFTF Distinguished Fellow Bob Johansen, that will give participants a first-hand experience of a variety of alternative AI futures.

Guest speakers include:

  • Daron Acemoglu, Economist and MIT Professor, co-author of the new book, Power and Progress, which is an important reminder that “technology is shaped by the choices we make,” and is a must-read for those interested in the intersection of AI and work.
  • IFTF’s Jane McGonigal, author of Imaginable and creator of the IFTF Urgent Optimists community, who will invite participants to a rewilding exercise based on a scenario of the future.

… and many more.

For over five decades Institute for the Future (IFTF) has presented an annual Ten-Year Forecast focused on the urgent futures facing society and introducing new tools to support group foresight.

We will send updates and details about how to tune in for this IFTF Ten-Year Forecast program as the event approaches.