Thursday, February 15 @ 7am AEDT / 9am NZDT

When Victoria Mulligan, a Design Principal in New Zealand, began training as a foresight practitioner, she was keen to find out who else in the country she could connect with, and where. But though she knew anecdotally that there were individuals doing brilliant work in all sorts of places, there was nowhere she could go to find out who they were, and how they were connected to the rest of the local industry.

So she embarked on a project using the latest mapping software to create a visual network of New Zealand future practitioners, including their location, field of interest and the strength of professional connection they each had with each other.

Now her network map is complete and open access - anybody in the country can use it, learn from it and build on it. It’s specific to New Zealand and to the foresight community, but her approach, challenges and the breakthroughs she had while creating it will be useful to anyone looking to apply modern tech tools to complex networks and working environments.

Join us to hear how Victoria created the NZ futures network map, the impact the map has had personally and globally and what she’s planning to do next.