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Strategic foresight helps organizations to:

Imagine things that don’t yet exist
Challenge basic assumptions
Examine unintended consequences
Anticipate new strategic opportunities
Develop new offerings
Evaluate plans and roadmaps
Build readiness and a shared perspective
IFTF is one of the most qualified and imaginative institutions illuminating the future. Jessica Bland, Head of Foresight and Research, Dubai Future Foundation
The Institute for the Future is just a little jewel box for critical insights on complex and urgent futures issues. Thomas Friedman, New York Times

Work with IFTF to make your organization future-ready.

We have a portfolio of training programs, events, and partnership programs we’ve created to provide the tools and techniques necessary to embrace strategic foresight, navigate large-scale change, and lead organizations toward a vibrant future.

Detect. Respond. Evolve
IFTF prepares your future-ready organization to adapt as the world changes.