How can foresight build shared aspirations among wildly diverse constituents across a nation? Join KPMG's Ian Proudfoot, Global Head of Agribusiness, and Justine Fitzmaurice, Director of Consulting at KPMG New Zealand, on Mon, Dec 12 at 3pm PST / Tue, Dec 13 at 10am AEDT for a behind-the-scenes look at how they supported the design of an aspirational framework for the future New Zealand food system—one that looks after the environment, provides healthy food to everyone who needs it and continues to enable the country to generate prosperity from its food sector. The process was rooted and built from indigenous wisdom, and brought together diverse stakeholders (indigenous groups, food industry, government, food-insecure people, hospitality industry, scientists, and more) to articulate their preferred future scenarios for a food ecosystem. From these inputs, a Steering Committee identified shared aspirations and common ground among various communities, despite tensions that do and continue to exist among them.

Featured Speakers

Ian Proudfoot
Global Head of Agribusiness | KPMG

Ian leads KPMG's Consumer/Industrial Markets and Agribusiness lines of business. He provides audit and transaction services to clients in a wide range of sectors, including agribusiness, retail and distribution.

Justine Fitzmaurice
Director, Consulting | KPMG New Zealand

Justine supports organisations to make better decisions, identify opportunities to improve performance and successfully deliver change initiatives. With real-life experience, Justine provides programme and project management delivery support, strategic reviews and independent quality assurance.

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