How do you apply foresight tools, techniques, and mindsets to intentionally design youth-serving systems that can help some of our most vulnerable community members—youth exiting foster care—thrive in adulthood? 

Join us when Rachel Maguire, Research Director of IFTF Health Futures Lab, and Jennifer Rodriguez, Executive Director of the Youth Law Center, share how IFTF and YLC partnered to produce a foresight report—going public in 2023— that brings to life a radically different future for young people in the United States who are exiting the foster care system, an institution that is far from future-ready. 

They’ll share their process for engaging a diverse group of people, including young people with relevant lived experiences, to both develop the forecasts and identify key insights and implications for youth. They’ll highlight how important it is to bring futures thinking to young people involved in these systems, and explain how foresight work must be applied differently when working with individuals for whom the future historically has not been a safe place filled with possibility.

Featured Speaker 

Executive Director, Youth Law Center

In 2007, Jennifer Rodriguez joined the Youth Law Center (YLC), a national public interest law firm that has worked for 4 decades to transform foster care and juvenile justice systems so every child and youth can thrive, and has served as Executive Director since 2012. Jennifer is the recipient of the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform Janet Reno Women's Leadership Award for her advocacy ensuring youth are included in foster care and juvenile justice policy development; the Juvenile Law Center' s Leadership Prize for her advocacy fighting for rights and well-being of youth in foster care and juvenile justice; and was recognized in 2021 as a federal Children's Bureau Champion for her national impact in transforming foster care and support for families.

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