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The work+learn future starts now.

On February 21-22, we convene to map the paths toward a more prosperous and equitable world.

Future Skills: Get Fit for What's NextStarting at the intersection of work and learning, this convening will help everyone anticipate the skills needed to live richer and more fulfilling lives in a society that’s undergoing unprecedented change, in an economy that’s unlike any we’ve seen before. It’s an economy where intelligent machines are rapidly displacing human workers. Where job gains in medium and large firms have been shrinking for more than two decades while part-time, impermanent work has mushroomed. Where the prospects for employment of our young adults around the world are troubling indeed.

Today we find ourselves at the starting line of what will surely be a marathon to transform both work and learning, to turn a destructive cycle of income inequality into prosperity that touches everyone’s life. We get ready for this marathon with a new kind of workout—a training circuit of peak performance zones and super skills.

We call this the #futurefit workout. Join us to build the skills we need for what’s next!

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